About Andy Bulka

Software Developer, Musical Composer, Tai Chi Teacher, Photographer, Philosopher

Andy Bulka - Trainer

Andy Bulka is a Python and Full Stack Web Javascript Developer at Wware Consulting in Melbourne, Australia.

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Brief Resume

Prior to this he was a developer at Nexus 6 and Telstra - building Django websites and building Python teams.

Prior to this he was Director of Software Development at Magian Design Studio - overseeing the architecture and design quality of Magian software systems. Before joining Magian, Andy spent several years as chief software architect at Austhink Software, responsible for delivering world class "visual thinking" diagramming software for both the educational and professional markets.

He has over 25 years of hands on software development and architectural experience, specializing in highly visual and interactive desktop applications, web 2.0 sites, games, and multimedia software. He now works with Python and Javascript technologies.

He runs an ocassional "Design Patterns" and Object Oriented design workshop around Australia and is the author of several academic papers on design patterns.

Andy is a regular speaker at user groups around Melbourne, Australia and has a blog https://abulka.github.io/ (www.andypatterns.com).

See also the Melbourne Patterns Group website.

Other Interests

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👉  See also my Photography website.

👉  See also my Musical Compositions website.

👉  See also my Philosophy website.