Print42 is a log tailing GUI program which optionally echoes log lines to thermal printer tape. Its like a modern thermal printer version of a ticker tape for tailing log files. It features display font size options, search and filtering. You can also annotate the output with text fragments that you type in - or screenshots that you paste in.

As well as physically printing from Free42, the Print42 software can also be used to print HP Prime screenshots (from either the emulator or real HP Prime hardware via the HP connectivity kit).

Outside the world of calculators, Print42 can be used to ’tail’ log files (programmers take note) and to print graphic snippets from the web. Useful if you want to rapidly print information to stuff into your pocket or to study and annotate printouts of complex information, at your desk.

If you are looking for a useful, fun new gadget, you might want to consider buying an Epson thermal printer and trying Print42. However you can also use Print42 with your regular desktop printer, for free.

The website for downloads and further information is

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