Medium Articles

I’ve been publishing a lot on Medium recently. Why? Because the articles seems to get more widely read, and the Medium editor is so simple and produces beautifully formatted articles.

Building a deployable Python-Electron App

Building a normal, deployable application for Mac or Windows, using Python 3 is hard. There is nothing like Visual Studio or Delphi (remember that?) for Python where you can drag and drop to design a GUI, press a button and get an .exe or .app to give people. Sad. The closest you can get is to follow a long recipe of steps - which I outline here.

Its about how to use Electron as a GUI front end to Python 3. It gets over 1,000 reads a week for some reason, more than any of my other articles.

Async/await for wxPython

Python 3 GUI apps with asynchronous functionality

Getting Python and wxPython apps into the Ubuntu app store

Have you ever dreamt of getting your own apps in the Ubuntu app store? Here’s how.

Django View logging is back-the-front

How the order of view request log messages in Django apps might be confusing, and how to fix it.

TodoMVC implementation articles

Here are my two recent articles implementing the classic Javascript TodoMVC app in various ways. These two articles shows you how to design apps. Its an alternative to using a modern javascript framework like Vue, Angular or React.

  • Classic - OO, Controllers and Events
  • ECS - using a game architecture

TodoMVC implemented using traditional OO, Controllers and Events.

TodoMVC implemented in a classic Object Oriented way - which includes running code you can run in your browser.

TodoMVC implemented using a game architecture — ECS.

Building traditional GUIs with the Entity Component System